Monday, October 24, 2011

The Appointment

Our appointment was set for exactly 14:30 in the dark hours of the morning. The invitation states that venue was settled to be at the chambers of death and sickness. And I was there on time. I must admit it, I was damn scared. I was 5 minutes and 28 seconds early to be exact, and it was one of the most fears and scariest moments in my life. Nobody wants to go through all that alone, so I had brought a friend along. He has received a post card from “him” before, but decided to ignore it instead, and now that I was given an invitation he jumped in to witness the kill and have a glimpse at how death looked like.

I opened the main door and a hot breeze hit us. I felt the drop of sweat slide down my spine as I looked into the chambers. It was a heated boiling dark tunnel with one bridge that we had to take to get to the other side. As we walked on the bridge to the other far end, the volcanic lava popped bubbles as if it were an egg being fried on the stove.

As we reached the other end, we were 3 minutes away from the appointment. “Open the door” my friend suggested as I stood there trying to put a two minute prayer for our survival. I then put my hand on the wooden door, and pushed it open… and there he was, the death himself. "Wake up, hay! are u ok?" my roommate woke me up.

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