Wednesday, September 12, 2012

You are only as good as your last blog, live more.

No matter how creative you can be with your words, people are always going to rate you on your last blog. I’m going to be honest to you; these words haunted me to the utmost. I therefore decided that I will rather not blog, than to post something that makes total trash and not worth reading. Just like Adele (the British recording artist) said to a particular journalist when she was asked when will she record a new album since her current 21 scored 6 Grammy's- she said: “I have to live more, and then I will be able to write something just as good”. I was so inspired by her words that I had used to as an answer to this equation that kept haunting me. I have to live a bit more, and so, I lived.

August 2012: No Blog! I was up and about, putting together my life, tracing myself on the big map of the world, and there I was, in total isolation. How on earth did i end up there? No close friends, no job, money, but had access to the internet. It is amazing how the internet can suck you in, and you don't even realise that your world is falling apart. I had got to a point where i have almost lost all my friends, and i was OK with it. This is mainly because in the viral world i can make hundreds of them and when i'm sick of them i can easily delete them. no emotion attached to it. no guilt, nothing what so ever.  Reality kicked in and I had to get back on track, I had to get back on the roll.

Mid-August 2012: Job hunting is a nightmare, and a job on its own. With all the discouragement and emotional drama I was facing, I still managed to drop my Curriculum vitae in several organisations. I still believed that somehow, somewhere someone will hear my knock and open the door.

At times I would ask myself, why is it such a challenge to get a job when I have a degree that is equivalent to an Honours Degree? What went wrong? It was so difficult to even find a basic call centre job. I faced a lot of the “Don’t you think that you are over qualified for this position” “I’m scared that I will hire you and you will leave in the next 3 to 4 moths”. I moved from interview to interview, board room to board room trying to find my big brake and finally something, I do not even know how to measure it, small or big, and it was something. I was so grateful and I grabbed the opportunity with both arms. I said to myself, I’m going to make the most out of this job.

God knows all my prayers and somewhere mid-August, my prayer was answered, well I viewed it as a period of collecting experience. It is not the kind of job I was praying and wishing for, but hay, it’s something close and a good answer. I was in, and the choice was mine to make…

03 September 2012: First day. I started selling exclusive shoes at a boutique in an upmarket rich shopping complex. It was official, I was the sales assistant.