Thursday, August 18, 2011

Have you figured out the second head fake?

Sometimes in life, we all had a chance to work for a certain organisation. If not we will in the near future.  Our first days are filled with smiles and encouragement from the staff. The look of the situation seems brighter and way promising. But somewhere in the bunch of smiles lies that evil woman or man who exists to make people’s lives a living hell.

I’m going to refer to this person as the “office rotten potato”. These people may not see the problem, and regard themselves as always right. They seem to think as if they pee Champaign or they may think that they poo Ice cream. When you look around the office, everybody looks miserable because of this person. When you analyse the situation even further, you realise that the office will be much better off and much more fun without this person.

Once you are done analysing this situation, the questions that come up in your mind are: Why is she so miserable, why is she behaving like this? Why is she making everybody’s life a living hell? She is not even the boss around here…  What did I ever do to her? The questions keep rolling every time she enforces her evil ways on you.

We then keep silent while we are being bullied and bossed around by these people. Not that we want to keep quiet about it, it’s because this person has totally brain washed your boss and there is nothing that you can say to change the situation.  Nobody wants to land up on the trouble makers’ bad books, or we may still want to keep the job. But once this person decides that she does not like you, you’re up for a bumpy ride. The reasons are countless.

Nobody wants to work in an environment like that, but unfortunately, every office has its own rotten potato. Think about it, who is the rotten potato in your office.

A skill set called leadership

A wise man once said that the best leaders are the once who know how to follow. Some people would rather hang on to their beliefs that one is born a leader. For instance, when a person is born in royalty, he or she is bound to be the leader in future weather they have the skills or not. While we are in school, we are told and taught that being a leader requires some skills. We learn these skills through our life experiences.

While I was learning about this whole leadership factor, I realised that in life there are three different kinds of people, the leaders, the followers and those who are in between.

The followers are the introverts- the kind of people who don’t have much to say. These are the people who sit in the middle of the class and never say anything. The year can even go by without you knowing their names. Then there are the leaders, generally they seem to be referred to as loud mouths and always have a take on everything that happens around then. Lastly I noticed the In between, thats where I fall, we are the kind that have both qualities of a leader and a follower. For some people, we are difficult to understand and we tend to get misjudged.

Look around , do u notice the different personalities around you.  And if you had to class yourself, where would u stand?

Friday, August 12, 2011

When your good isn’t good enough

Have you got to a point when your good isn’t good enough? No matter how hard you try to pull, nobody get to be satisfied. Have you gone past a period where you feel like running and starting all over? What do you do when you wake up in the morning when you feel like the world is on your shoulders?

My best intentions keep making a mass of things and I want to fix it somehow. And everything I touch tumbles down. I keep wondering how many times it will take for me to get it right.

I then realise that I can erase everything and start all over. I can hold on tighter to my faith. I will just have to face my mistakes and thank God for the talent invested in me, which is the ability to start all over again with nothing. So I put a smile on my face and accept that sometimes life isn’t fair.  

I then send a prayer up above, so someone will open his doors and see how much I care, even though my best intentions keep making a mass of things. I wonder how many times it will take for me to get it right.

Truth, lies and Secrets

Have you ever had a secret? Have you ever been told something so thrilling that you can feel it boiling within you, but you were told to never tell anybody- it’s a secret- and you must take it to your grave? Have you ever found out something, but decided to keep it as a secret because it might destroy lives of other people?

People say “The truth shall set you free” others say the truth is better of kept secret. Well I think that the truth may sometimes be as evil as a lie. It can destroy families and can make you lose everything you worked hard building, on the other hand a lie can do far more damage at a later stage in time.

So what would u do? Would you tell the truth? Would you tell a lie? Or take the secret you your grave?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just another Opinion, So what?

People have been talking way before you were born, and they will continue talking till the day you die. They will forever have opinions about you and the things that you do, no matter how hard you may try. And do you know what the most interesting point is? They will continue to talk even way after you death. Everybody has the right to their opinion, isn’t that what freedom of speech is about.

Let them hold on to whatever they may be mumbling in the dark corners of their offices, and street corners. Just remember that the most important thing during your existence is you, therefore you should concentrate on yourself, and for a change ignore the negative.

So what if you downgraded from a house at the top of the cliff, that had the greatest view of the city. So what if you lost your job because you got scammed or because your boss didn’t like you? It’s none of anybody’s business if you had to sell you BMW so that you can down grade to something less.

Not everybody is going to like you, this is Earth, and its surface is hard. As you dig deep within its ground, it gets hotter and hotter. That’s how life unfolds to some people.

Im tired of listening to people complain of what others are saying about them, and how they feel defeated and helpless because their lives are not turning into the way they expected. So what if your life fell down and broke in a 100 pieces, tape it together! So what if you just got fired? Do you go and sit behind the bar and moan all day about it? No, you’ll just have to enjoy what’s left of your life.

Shake things up a bit; get out of the box, even if that box may be where you live. A wise woman once said; “it’s not easy to break out of your comfort zone, because people will mock you and tear you apart for no apparent reason. They will tell you that you should have not bothered yourself”.

But let me tell you something I once heard on T.V. there is not much of a difference between a stadium filled with cheering fans and a crowd yelling hate speech at you. They are both making a lot of noise; how you take it is totally up to you. Now cheer at yourself every once in a while, and someday all your haters will let go of their opinions and follow.

Life was Rocky Horror Pushing boundries for days

I would like- if I may- take you on a strange journey of how I viewed life as if it were the Rocky Horror Show for several days.

Once upon a time, Far, far away in a city named Cape Town there was a guy, whose Imagination ran wild. According to him, life sometimes got amasing, and seemed to be life science fiction, with a double feature. People were fighting each other and he didn’t seem to get hold of a clear understanding of things. 
There had been a lot of darkness during, but even it may have been in the velvet of the blackest night, there has always been a guiding star. I believe that no matter who you are, whether you may believe or not, there is light in the darkness of everybody life.

This other day, during the mist of my dark days, I was walking in the streets just to catch a breeze, when a snake of a guy gave me an evil wink. Well it certainly shook me up, it took me by surprise. He had a pickup truck and the devils eyes. He stared at me, and I felt a change. It was very horrific.

When I share my story, people say looks are deceiving and that I got a wild Imagination. And yes I totally agree. They then say “don’t Judge a book by its cover, it may not be what you expect it to be, it might just surprise you” but I saw what I viewed, and it surely felt like a Rocky Horror Show

Sunday, August 7, 2011

How hard is it to follow instructions?

When we get to have the privileges of buying an appliance that we desire, for instance a cell phone, it comes with a book of instructions. We tend to though it aside and fidget with the appliance hoping that we will figure out how it works on ourselves. Not that because we are ignorant, part of it is because instructions normally come to us in complicated language, with technical phrases and clauses that are almost impossible to understand.

Instructions have always been important as they assist and work as guidelines to get the job done. A lecture of mine once said in the world there are two different types of people, the High-context People, and the Low-context. The low context people are more concentrated in following instructions, listening, and meditation. To these low-contexts people, words don’t mean much; it is the behaviour and act that matters most. And it is opposite with the high-context culture. “It is not what you can say, it is what you can justify that matters most.”

Is the resistance of following instructions the reason why the world stands at where it is today? - The constantly increasing Crime rate, war, terrorism, and global warming
- Take time to think about it, If the world could follow instructions, how would it be?

Andy Warhol said, “In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes.” You can’t choose the 15 minutes but why would you be world famous?

Looking at this quota in and out of the box, Andy may be trying to say that for a period of time, everyone in the world will be world famous in the future. We do not get the chance to choose our 15 minutes but eventually it will come. It is a process that no man in the world has to come pass. Nobody chooses their death.

When a person is born, he goes out in the world to interact with people, and to an extent, he has great impact on the people whom he exists with, and thereby create memories that are unforgettable. These moments are cherished and acknowledged at his 15 minutes of fame, whether at his memorial or funeral.

While you are patiently awaiting your moment of fame or trying to avoid it, try to make the most out of life, because you might never know when that moment may strike.

Blame it on the whiskey

I’d like to have 2 beers, whiskey, 2 shots and a box of cigarettes. Oh! The next round is on me guys; oops I forgot that it’s an open bar, giggles pilling up on the table symbolizing entertainment from the show girl on sitting with her work mates.

We see this happening in movie scenes where a worker gets so drunk and ends up embarrassing him/ herself. It’s mostly herself, for example, Bridget Jones Diary. Then we say to ourselves oh hell, I will never do that until we run into an open tab at a corporate function. Not so long ago I was invited to be a plus one by a friend to a function they had, and there was a lady who took on the character of a drunk, working single woman with issues with herself and mostly with colleagues.

When all is said and done, I say go on and Blame it on the booze. Blame it on the alcohol. Even though you may have something to blame, that moment will never be forgotten and the reputation that you have built is bound to change instantly. Now here is an advice go easy on that glass of wine, before you find yourself sitting on the side of the road saying to yourself: “I should have gone easy on that bottle”

We all like to drink and have some fun at times, but it is important to limit ourselves and stick to the decisions we take. Most importantly is to shy away from drinking too much, because when one gets too drunk, he/ she is bound to things that are bound to bring regret  in the future. Go easy on the bottle.