Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My blessings- one by one

I would like to thank the lord my God for all the blessings that I have received, and all the ones coming.

1.      Thanks for Love
2.     Thanks for My parents especially my mother.
3.     Thanks for my loving brother and sister
4.    Thanks for my gran parents
5.     Thanks for all my cousins who support me and who want to see me prosper.
6.    Thanks for the rest of my family who intend good for my existence.
7.     My neighbours, whom I grew up under and they still encourage me with great words and actions.
8.    Thanks for every friend that I had, and still have in my life.
9.    The clothes that I have as well as the shoes that I walk on.
10.The roof the covers me and gives me protection.
11.   The cell phone that I have
12. The laptop that was bought by my mother to me.
13. The internet connection that costs my mother 200 monthly.
14. The fantastic private school that I attended and completed my matric
15. The blessing of attending two different universities.
16.Thanks for the diploma and the bursary that I got.
17. Thanks for feeding me throughout my diploma studying period.
18.Thanks for the Degree and all the blessings while studying.
19.Thanks for my intelligence.
20.                       Thanks to every Certificate that I have achieved throughout my studying career.
21. Thanks for my bible, for it gives me light when it is dark.
22.                        Thanks for the Methodist Church.
23.                        Thanks for the Guilders and friends I made in Cape Town.
24.                       Thanks for Wesley guild
25.                        Thanks for every penny that landed in my pocket.
26.                       Thanks for every job that I had in the past.
27.                        Thanks for every wonderful somebody that I have ever worked with.
28.                       Thanks for every material thing that I have in my room.
29.                       Thanks for the spirit that drives me and makes me to feel the way that I do.
30.                       Thanks for my existence today and for all my knowledge.
31. Thanks to all the blessings in the past and the many more that are about to come.
Thank You, Baie Dankie, Ndiyabulela, Niyakhensa, ngiyabonga, I am grateful to God for all my blessings.