Monday, May 6, 2013

So, My Journey Continues...

It came a time where one chapter of my life ended and a new one began. I must say being stuck in one chapter of your life for about six months can be quiet frustrating. I would like to call it the hallelujah moment.  It was that moment when one gets hit by an unexpected full stop. I could not believe that this could be me, moving from one dramatic chapter to a more sophisticated and settled chapter.

I remember when it all started, “hello man, how are you?” and the response would be I am just looking thanks. I was trying so hard to sell a pair of shoes just to meet target, Just to impress my boss. The sad part about it all was that I had no direction; I was looking for something to brake me from that retail horror.  And the moment had finally come. The Hallelujah moment had arrived, that moment where my efforts of studying for seventeen years had come to reward me.

"I could feel it in my blood; I could smell it in the air"

A new Chapter has begun a chapter where I am the communications Science Lecture at a well-recognised private institution. On my first day I knew that I was meant to be here. I could feel it in my blood; I could smell it in the air. The time has come, and all I need to do is to prove what I can do. 

Hello New Chapter, I have arrived…