Monday, February 20, 2012

How I Accidentally fell in love with Blogging

February 2011 I started a blog. At that time my written communications skills where not so great, but I had to start a blog and update it twice a week if I wanted to get good grades for the Media studies 3 subject. There was no other way out, I could not afford to fail and waste money. I remember going to the internet centre at the university. I went on Google and I typed in; “the best blogs in the world” on the search engine.

I had a vision, that my blog someday will be viewed  as one of the best, and maybe one day receive an award for the most unpredictable and provocative blogs. In addition to that vision, there were many other, as my love for blogging kept growing.

I had recently relocated to Cape Town and I did not have much friends. This circumstance I found myself in motivated me to sit at a restaurant or at the park and keep writing stores. Night after night I sat in loneliness with a bottle of Neidernburg, and at other times I picked the Drostdy-Hof to quench my thirst and to arouse my creativity senses.  

I wrote about everything. The boredom coming from lack of friendship kept me glued to the keyboard at the computer labs until I landed my hands on my own personal laptop. Ladies and Gentlemen, that is when my love for blogging grew even bigger. I realised that there is nothing that fulfils me more than putting together words to tell a great story.  A beast was unleashed and an addiction needed to be treated weeks. It was official. I was In love with blogging.  

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Do you really want my Opinion?

What is an opinion? 

In my own words an opinion is a voiced out thought about a particular thing or somebody. When we ask a person for his/ her opinion, are we actually really asking to hear that particular individuals thoughts? Or we are asking that person to tell us the good things only?

Sometimes, we as people tend to get angry when people give their true and straightforward opinions about us, or about situations which may be affecting us at the moment. We are reluctant to accept other people's views. Even though opinions are not the truth, we need to acknowledge that it is that particular persons opinion and it may not stand as a  fact.

A particular friend of mine introduced me to his boyfriend whom I happened to know. Two weeks later after observing the lovers behavior, there were particular tendencies that I did not like and I voiced my opinions to the friend. Since the incident our friendship has got to a downwards slope.

Sometimes, we want people to tell us what we desire, not what they truly think. We expect people to lie to us so that we can survive the day and keep believing that the lie will turn out into becoming the truth.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Wesley Guild Pledge

I Siyabonga Lawrence Mzizi, Desire By the Grace of God to live a christian life, and to take an active part in promoting the aims and objectives of the Wesley Guild, Inside and Outside the church. 

I shall Go, Unite, Inspire, Love and Develop. 

One Heart, One Way