Friday, October 12, 2012

Losing Touch to Accessories, shoes and Handbags

Who has ever thought that I would go through 17 years of schooling and end up in a retail shop selling shoes and accessories, and actually be good at it? Well, guess what I for one never, not even daydreaming, thought that I will work as a sales assistant in one of the most provocative, trend setting retail store. The funny thing about it is that I loved doing it. I realised my ability put together a stunning outfit at a blink of an eye. I must admit the revelations took me by storm, it was as if a beast was unleashed and I had lost total control of myself into selling, and selling and making sure that I meet target. In the mist of all that craziness, I lost something important, I lost track of my dream.

The hanging thought at the back of my head, the thought that kept reminding me that I was born to do public relations. The one dressed in bright red, yelling at me: you were born to be grate at it and you have gone through five years of university to excel in the profession. That thought was starting to fade away. Two months into it and already, I was losing touch.

Then it suddenly hit me, while I was selling a matching shoe and purse to a well-known public figure. A sudden heat wave hit me, my heart started beating fast. I felt hot and I felt cold, I don’t know what I was feeling. it was as if i was moving from one universe to the next. I quickly went against the mirror on the wall to balance. I then started to cool down. It was shock. 

The voices in my head started questioning me, they were on the roll- "are you aware of where you are now? Where are you going? What happened to your dream? What’s your plan? Is this it? Is this where it will all end? You have forgotten the dream, your dream, your life, your career."

I took a deep breath, smiled to customer and made the fantastic sale. Thereafter, I took a pen and paper, went to the bathroom, and wrote the blog. I kept the promise to myself, that I will never again lose touch of my career to Accessories, shoes and Bags or anything else.