Tuesday, September 20, 2011

bucket list / 100 things to do before you die?

 I have a number of things that I want to do before I die. These desires started when I was young. The list ends at 40 but keeps piling up as I grow older. The list is as follows:
1.     Complete Matric with good marks
2.    To go on a boat
3.   Go to watch a theatre production
4.   Know how to swim
5.   Play Golf
6.   Own a laptop
7.    To be on TV
8.   To win the spelling B, competition
9.   Get accepted by Tshwane University of Technology and live at Ress.
10.                       Get my first job while studying.
11. Buy myself my a cell phone
12.                        Drive
13.                       Find a best friend who is to be in my life forever
14.                       Perform at the Grahamstown national Arts Festival
15.                       Design a range of clothing that is to have meaning to people’s lives
16.                       Fall in love
17.                        Graduate
18.                       Get my first real good pay job
19.                       Travel the country
20.                     Go to the beach on my own expense
21.                        Go camping with friends
22.                      Take a long distance bus/ train over 20 hours.
23.                      To fly on an airplane
24.                     Sit in court and witness
25.                      To go to London, Paris, New York
26.                     Attend A fashion show
27.                      Move to Cape Town for A while
28.                     Work as an Editor for a huge Editorial Publication
29.                     To attend over 10 Conferences
30.                     Obtain a Doctorate degree
31.                       Buy a 15 room house
32.                      Buy my parents a S.U.V Car
33.                     Have a Chinese/ Japanese and Korean friend
34.                     To be on table mountain
35.                     Run the 2 oceans marathon
36.                     Attend three different universities in South Africa
37.                      Own a restaurant
38.                     Work in parliament (even for a short period)
39.                     Win/ get a nomination for an Award from the industry.
40.                    Be wealthy and die happy…

Every Hurt comes to an end

Everything that has a beginning has an end. During our breathing period on Earth, we all go through some form of disappointment. It’s either from a friend, best friend, Girl or Boyfriend or whomever who we may have some sort of connection with.
Depending on the nature of the situation, we then get heart broken, leaving us to feeling miserable and down. I then asked myself why we allow ourselves to be affected emotionally by the next person. Is this con consequence of getting close or attached to the next person? The best thing is that all the darkness, hurt, and pain will come to an end as the clock ticks.

We all have ways that best suit us to escape the hurts of the world. Some turn to alcohol, some smoke and some cry. No matter how intense or ruthless it may be. I realised that nothing that hurts stays forever in the heart. It’s only a matter of time.   

My big fat BIG dream.

I had always dreamed of being in a black suit. Not just any black suit but the best of the kind. The theme and setting changes as my dream develops as the years go by, while I’m getting older. I dream of attending and most importantly planning the best events South Africa has ever seen. I dream of having the biggest office on the top floor with a huge window and the best view of the city. The phone rings and the two assistants working for me jump out of adrenalin to make sure that it is answered as it rings for the third time.

I dream of editing the most expensive and prestigious publication the world have ever read.  I dream of my late nights in the office, trying to chase deadlines. I dream of myself standing at my office door saying; “hay! Bring me a cup of coffee and make sure it’s hot, and you make sure that everything is on point for the benefit, I want everything to be perfect for this event.”

The smile on my face is ecstatic, as I accept the award from the industry. The sound of cameras keep making the routine sounds on the background as the crowd applauds the extra ordinary work that I have delivered. That is my dream. I was also confused as you are when I woke up, but it started to make sense to me as the day went by.

Happy days are here…

Wake up in the morning, Open the window and feel the breeze glance through the pores on your face.   As you brush your teeth on the base, take a second to look in the mirror with a smile.  Embrace the reflection because that is the greatest site of you.  Forget your troubles, come on and get happy.  

Open the closet and throughout all your worries out the door. Cheer for yourself, because you have come a long way. Whether the sun may be shining or not, Put on your happy makeup.  Forget all about those who bring you down, because all your happy days are at the step of your door.

Hope of everyday...

The sun shines in the morning, and we wake up with the hopes that our prayers are going to be answered during the day. But when the sun sets without any of that happening, we put our heads on our pillows with the hope that tomorrow will bring much better fruits.
Every day when people wake up, people are born into the world- which is wonderful- and on the other hand, people die, computers crush, relationships fall apart, the best thing is to breathe and reboot. And when all that falls, we can always turn to our best friends or our external hard drives to reboot.

Highway Life: Tighten your seatbelts

I’d like to think that life is a journey of a thousand miles, and as we drive along the dusty and rusty roads in our lives, we make decisions. We look back, holding the bags filled with consequences of our decisions made in the past. We keep blaming ourselves for the bad decisions that we have made. We keep giggling the “should have, would have, could have” balls in the air. I believe that as long as we are breathing, we make the right choices that suit us at the time.

At the age that we are in now, we have gone past so many roads, had so many choices, heard so many voices tell us things, and made so many mistakes. That’s why we are who we are today. We need to accept that as we drive around this road called life, we will occasionally find ourselves lost and when that happens, we should let go of all the “should have, would have, could have”, tighten our seat belts and drive. As we speed up this road to a destination called “who we hope to be” I cannot to ask myself if I’m there yet, after every stop we take.

You cannot chase two rabbits at the same time.

During the course of our studying, we are taught that concentration is the most important thing. I remember my High school teacher telling me that I need to concentrate on one thing at a time, so I can minimise confusion. “When you concentrate at more than two things, you might just loose them all.”

This is equivalent to cheating in a love relationship. People cheat, due to a number of reasons that they may give to try and justify the wrong that they have done. It may seem possible for them to chase two rabbits at the same time for them, but as time goes, and the eclipse as completed it cycle letting the light come to present, their plans may seem to fail. They stand a chance of losing everything over nothing.  No matter how we can try to justify the situation, or work hard at trying to chase two rabbits at the same time, we will hit a wall of failure in the long run.

“Nothing is more dangerous than an idea, when you only have one idea” (Alain).

People always say that you must have a plan A and a plan B. Alan was looking at this Idea or concept when she wrote about this Idea. Even though you may realise your greatest talent or potential, or the best idea of make you money or to become the next big thing. We must keep in mind that it might just not work out.   A plan B is always necessary. Think of the times when you were planning on something, did you not ever have the slightest doubt that it might not work, you might just need an alternative idea.

I believe that just having one plan for something, is as good as having no plan at all because when everything does not go as planned, you are left with no alternative. Even computers have backup systems, the engineers created this because of their knowledge that everything needs a plan be, because plan A might just fail.