Monday, January 31, 2011

THE DAVILS INTERVIEW: "Tell us about yourself", She asked me

I am... those were the first two words I caughed out of my mouth before I took a short breath. What went through my mind during that two seconds was: "OH MY GOD, how am I going to impress this devious woman and her secretary". I am Lawrence, a vibrant, talkative, energetic, confident young individual that grew up in the streets of Soweto. I love traveling and I am very passionate about my proffession. There were so many words I could tell her, but at that moment those were the perfect collection. Why must I hire you? I looked at her while she took off her Gucci glasses and wiped them with the tiny cloth she took out of the antique tiny pink case. The vaines on her neck seemed to get bolder as she swallowed her saliva. I then took a comfortable confident positioned angle at her and said. I may not look like the ideal manager, but I am a fast learner, very intelligent, charismatic and have good leadership skills. All the needed resourses will be given to me and if i fail to deliver, you should fire me... that means I am incompetent and not the right person for the job. She smiled and still kept her confidence. I could tell that I had won this job, she then stood up and stretched her hand towards me, I smiled an my heart pumped with joy. Little did i know she was grabbing the glass of water on the table. "I will call you to let you know if you made it- call in the next person on your way out", she wispered with attitude


It is sometimes a challenge to move to a totally new area, because you do not know whom and what is waiting for you on the other far end. The only way to overcome this is faith, yes i said it... you need to believe in yourself and just have hope for the best...

This is the kind of experience i had, and i'm sure loving the move.
When i started to settle in, i realised that this is a whole new world. There were so many people to meet and places to see. most of all i discovered something, something that will blow your mind in 456 pieces.. that is... soon to be revealed. stay tuned