Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Blog for my "Unreliable" Blog mates

Dear Blog Mates    
About eight weeks ago, it was wonderful to know that I had a new group to share my ideas with. “A fresh and new start” ”finally, a promising group that would actually take time to read and comment on my blogs” I had convinced myself. A book I’m reading states that if you see it in your mind, say it with you mouth and believe in it, it will surely come true.
I write this blog about you hoping that you will one day return the favour of the sleepless nights I put in to read and comment on your blogs. I know that we are all humans and have better things to do, but in the middle of facebooking and twitting, please care to visit my blog and send Marian a good mark for the fabulous blog. And when you have posted you thrilling blogs, please post it on our walls on facebook or twitter.

Hope that you will not take this in a bad way. You are the most fantastic blog mates I ever had. If I had to trade you for candy I would not even think twice about rejecting the deal. I’d simply say no.
Now you take this, put it in your pipe and smoke it. While you are at it, get a bottle of wine, read my blogs and post my marks.

Yours with great a great smile

Feelings follow behaviour

Have you ever thought what kind of influence and control a piece of fabric may have on your attitude as well as behaviour? We go to an extent of buying the most expensive suits and dresses as people to find the extra boost in life. We long for people to tell us how great our outfits are, and what a fantastic job we have done in matching the colours of our clothes. I stand to be corrected, but allow me to say you are what you wear, and what you wear determines how you feel. And how you may feel at the given moment, will determine your behaviour. To sum it all up, shoes, clothes and bags determine your attitude.

Brilliant isn’t it? I have just come up with a solution to all those down days you have been having. Ask yourself one question. Why do most people have credit cards and clothing accounts?  Most of the time, it would be to just wash of that horrible feeling. Yes the feeling of guilt or to satisfy the feelings of need.

To some extent, as human beings we have that need to be loved. And to be loved, you have to appeal to people and society. Society on the other hand, has a strong relationship with fabrics.

Whether you may like it or not, your feelings and behaviour are linked. And they are affected by society in which you exist. And they are all somehow linked to fashion. And that’s why people form relationships with their green scarves.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Perfect Soul Mates?

First let us split this word into two, soul and mate. Does it mean that its two different people with one thought? Is there such a thing as a soul mate? Is a soul mate that one person or a number of group people?  Are soul mates people who are supposed to give you support when you need it?

Soul mates, it has two words and too many definitions and views to it.  I believe that you can count on your friends as soul mates.  And once you find these people hold onto them because they are rare to find. 
These people will provide you with different kinds of support. There is a kind of support you may ask for, and there is a kind that you don’t ask for, that is the kind that pops up when you least expect it to, and it gives you that boost.

After all, people die; computer crush and relationships fall apart. When all is done and we are left in the middle of the road, the best thing we can do is reboot. You know To freshen up and start all over again.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It is better to practice a little than talk a lot

Once again, it is the time for elections. Have you noticed all the billboards and advertising that goes on around you? Have you noticed the campaigning that spends millions just to get your vote?  “VOTE for US” “better living conditions” and the phrase that pays to win people over “provide job opportunity”. Every five years, political parties go on telling the citizens what they are doing which the other parties are not doing.  

All these claims are made, but look around you. Do you honestly thing that there is any delivery to these promises that are made? If you live in the urban areas, just take the step to drive past the disadvantaged areas. The results are devastating. How about these political parties put action and then tell the people what they have done, instead of making promises that are too farfetched. Yes, a little more practice and less talk will be a good step.

Karma to the SAPS

Johannesburg park station, as I was just about to board for the bus back to Cape Town, with only five minutes left before the bus departs. This SAPS cop comes to me and questions me what I am going to do in Cape Town.

 He looked at me as if I were a drug dealer or some sort of professional assassin.  "Why do you want to know? and why are you asking me all this five minutes before my bus leaves? I kept on rolling my questions unto him as he stood there searching for answers. I took out my student card and gave it to him as he tried to say something in English, which seemed as broken as an old wooden chair. “University of technology, have you ever heard of such?” I posed another question as I saw the embarrassment on his face. 

“It’s a place where educated people like me go to get their degrees”. The look on his face was priceless; I wish that you could have seen it.  I bet he wished for the world to open, so he could jump in.

I grabbed my student card and inserted it back in wallet as He stood there with great anger and hopelessly helpless. I did this for every law abiding South African citizen who has ever been victimised or has been unfairly treated by any of the” SAPS Guys”. I bet he will never forget my face and this day.