Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Blog for my "Unreliable" Blog mates

Dear Blog Mates    
About eight weeks ago, it was wonderful to know that I had a new group to share my ideas with. “A fresh and new start” ”finally, a promising group that would actually take time to read and comment on my blogs” I had convinced myself. A book I’m reading states that if you see it in your mind, say it with you mouth and believe in it, it will surely come true.
I write this blog about you hoping that you will one day return the favour of the sleepless nights I put in to read and comment on your blogs. I know that we are all humans and have better things to do, but in the middle of facebooking and twitting, please care to visit my blog and send Marian a good mark for the fabulous blog. And when you have posted you thrilling blogs, please post it on our walls on facebook or twitter.

Hope that you will not take this in a bad way. You are the most fantastic blog mates I ever had. If I had to trade you for candy I would not even think twice about rejecting the deal. I’d simply say no.
Now you take this, put it in your pipe and smoke it. While you are at it, get a bottle of wine, read my blogs and post my marks.

Yours with great a great smile

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Charne Tromp said...

Ha ha! You're hilarious Lawrence. Got me lol-ing.

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