Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Karma to the SAPS

Johannesburg park station, as I was just about to board for the bus back to Cape Town, with only five minutes left before the bus departs. This SAPS cop comes to me and questions me what I am going to do in Cape Town.

 He looked at me as if I were a drug dealer or some sort of professional assassin.  "Why do you want to know? and why are you asking me all this five minutes before my bus leaves? I kept on rolling my questions unto him as he stood there searching for answers. I took out my student card and gave it to him as he tried to say something in English, which seemed as broken as an old wooden chair. “University of technology, have you ever heard of such?” I posed another question as I saw the embarrassment on his face. 

“It’s a place where educated people like me go to get their degrees”. The look on his face was priceless; I wish that you could have seen it.  I bet he wished for the world to open, so he could jump in.

I grabbed my student card and inserted it back in wallet as He stood there with great anger and hopelessly helpless. I did this for every law abiding South African citizen who has ever been victimised or has been unfairly treated by any of the” SAPS Guys”. I bet he will never forget my face and this day.


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Play nice Mzizi, don't be rude to cops... Some are good guys, saving lives and jailling criminals... Not his fault you looked like a suspect lol :)

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