Monday, March 28, 2011

We are what we do?
How about a little bit of giving and less expectations of receiving. In life, people like to receive and receive and hold on to what they acquired rather. This is the core part of development in our society. Helping one another and achieving harmonious relationships with each other. Striving for everybody’s participation in the community is also at the heart of this development circle.

Whether you are just a person selling at the corner of the street, a train driver, a maid or a taxi driver what you do defines who you are, and how your community will be in the near future. Whatever you do will have an impact in society which you exist in!
An average child will go to school, and an unprivileged child will most probably drop out due to pregnancy or financial problems. The average child will go to university, get successful and own a house worth 2 million or more. On the other hand the under privileged child may be the helper (the maid) to the average child.

People are who they do because of what they do, and they are what they do because of how their community is, and their communities are how they are because of what they do, and how they function hand in hand to develop themselves.
Now, how about a little bit of social responsibility? Take time to give back to the community and strive to give back to the ones in need. Take time to stop and pick up that piece of paper and trough it in the bin. Take time to stop by an old age home and say “hi, can I help you with something just for 30 minutes?” and maybe someone will be who he is because of what you taught them.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who doesn’t cheat?

Whether it is a game of poker, a test paper at any level in school, or in relationships or any other arrangements, there will definitely be a person who will play an unfair game. Think about it looking at the different side of the box. It is totally unfair isn’t it? 

The life cycle of relationships these days is at risk when it comes to lasting longer. How true can this be? Look around you. With the social media boom, one can never know who his/ her partner is meeting with after the gym, or every morning before work. It all lies on trust and one’s faith, without these elements the relationship is bound to come to an end. 

“My boyfriend is loyal, he will never cheat on me” we keep lying to ourselves to run away from the reality, because reality gives us the truth, and the truth hurts. One might say: I give my partner enough attention and I try my best for our relationship to keep burning. Well scientist say:  “To every action, there is an equal opposite reaction” hence to good there is Evil. Now think deeply about it, who doesn’t cheat?

Walking right beside the ghost

On the early hours of the morning, I am walking from the cape carnival to my house. The time on my watch reads 03:46 and it would take me 20 minutes to get to my destination. With the security guards marked in almost every corner I have nothing to worry about. There is nothing to feel insecure about. While walking and singing to myself I hear some footsteps following me. I then paid attention to the direction in which they may be coming from, but failed to track them down. I then paid attention to my own footsteps, but there was no match.

The was a sudden heat, my hair felt as if there was a current of electricity pulling it off my head. As drunk as I was, I came back to my senses. There was no other explanation. Someone was sent to take me home I thought to myself.
Who are you and what do you want, I just figured that I should speak to this spirit which walks besides or alongside me. Well since you are not responding let me tell you about me while you walk me home… I introduced myself and offloaded my complaints and issues. When we got to the door of my residence I said to the invisible ghost. Thank you so much for keeping me safe and for listening, hope we meet again next time. You may not believe me but that ghost was walking right beside me.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We are scared of wrong things

Wrong is attractive and it sells… try grabbing the Sunday newspapers and observe how much wrong is written about. Public figures (including politicians) are not afraid to do wrong. They do wrong things so they can catch the flashes of the camera in order for their fame to last a bit longer. “Celebrity fills petrol tank and runs” one of the newspapers reads. Now thing about it, doesn’t wrong sell?

Society is constantly changing, and it is now difficult to distinguish between wrong and right. Modernisation has taken the world by storm and most people are not afraid to do wrong. The access to the new information and communication technologies has reshaped the world and brought about a lot of negativity as well as benefits to it.  Society has lost track of what may be wrong and what may no longer be regarded as right.
Now, you tell me what is wrong? And what is right?

Monday, March 14, 2011

"fish falling from the sky"

In life everyone is a fisher. We are all fishing for different things, some of us fish for love, the perfect job, the perfect shoe that will go with that outfit which you may have in the closert. We all have the hope that one day we will find what we are looking for.

But faith lies in the air in which it is where the fish may be falling from. Yes, from the sky! A place where we hang our dreams, hopes and desires. We all go chasing after this yet we do not realise the beauty that surrounds us, we do not take in to account the dreams we already achieved, the succesfull carreer or the friendship you have since you were in primary school. We tend to forget the priceless things.

So Mr. or Miss fisher, my advice to you is; stop looking at the sky, because the fish may have already fallen.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Are you what you put on?

“You must have pride in what you wear!” this is a phrase mostly used by fashion designers and sales people in stores when they try to sell you something. I stood on the small stage looking at the mirror at a boutique shop at the V&A Waterfront fitting a suit for my graduation. I listened to him blurb as he went on trying to sell me the R4500 suit.

Is this what the world has become? We go out to buy expensive clothing so that we can look impressive, and stand out among other 2000 people.  “With this suit you will need expensive Italian cologne”. Is that what life is turning out to be? Has life reached the point where people will be defined by what they put on? I kept asking myself these questions as I shopped around for my perfect outfit the whole day.     

What is the color the wind

Most people define the colour of the wind according to their job title, educational qualifications and some define it according to a reputation that they hold in society. This is similar to organisations.
When you walk into a store, the atmosphere and the colour of the wind will be influenced by the reputation of the organisation. The atmosphere and colour will differ from one organisation to the next.
Personally, I believe the colour of the wind is what one has in mind.  The colour of the wind may be determined by how much he or she has in the bank. Yes, it is true. When your bank account is empty you can define the colour of the wind in your world may be black or any other colour that one doesn’t seem to like. This may be because of the depth that one may have, the bills that one has to pay, and the needs that individual has.
So, what is the colour of your wind?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Rebranding- "the rise of a new brand"

Due to the high levels of competition, an organisation needs to identify itself as unique and different.  It is the same thing with personal blogs. A concentration needs to be identified and target audience need to be identified in order for one to know what and how to write.
Most importantly, one needs to blog about something he/she really loves a lot. In this case, I have decided to write about fashion (selecting the perfect outfit to shopping and selling), money, credit and events (from cocktail events to clubbing).
A new brand is about to be built. A brand that gives advice, critic and interesting updates. Please open up your doors for LawrenceM and the Green scarve.