Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who doesn’t cheat?

Whether it is a game of poker, a test paper at any level in school, or in relationships or any other arrangements, there will definitely be a person who will play an unfair game. Think about it looking at the different side of the box. It is totally unfair isn’t it? 

The life cycle of relationships these days is at risk when it comes to lasting longer. How true can this be? Look around you. With the social media boom, one can never know who his/ her partner is meeting with after the gym, or every morning before work. It all lies on trust and one’s faith, without these elements the relationship is bound to come to an end. 

“My boyfriend is loyal, he will never cheat on me” we keep lying to ourselves to run away from the reality, because reality gives us the truth, and the truth hurts. One might say: I give my partner enough attention and I try my best for our relationship to keep burning. Well scientist say:  “To every action, there is an equal opposite reaction” hence to good there is Evil. Now think deeply about it, who doesn’t cheat?


Rebecca Moloto said...

you really made me speechless because this is the truth, we all cheat some how

princess peaRLy said...

Moloto how do you cheat? *wink*
Lawrence, I hope you tru to abstain from cheating though!

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