Monday, March 14, 2011

"fish falling from the sky"

In life everyone is a fisher. We are all fishing for different things, some of us fish for love, the perfect job, the perfect shoe that will go with that outfit which you may have in the closert. We all have the hope that one day we will find what we are looking for.

But faith lies in the air in which it is where the fish may be falling from. Yes, from the sky! A place where we hang our dreams, hopes and desires. We all go chasing after this yet we do not realise the beauty that surrounds us, we do not take in to account the dreams we already achieved, the succesfull carreer or the friendship you have since you were in primary school. We tend to forget the priceless things.

So Mr. or Miss fisher, my advice to you is; stop looking at the sky, because the fish may have already fallen.


Rebecca Moloto said...

damn this has to be one of your funniest blogs you posted nice one

princess peaRLy said...

Proof read....

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