Monday, March 28, 2011

We are what we do?
How about a little bit of giving and less expectations of receiving. In life, people like to receive and receive and hold on to what they acquired rather. This is the core part of development in our society. Helping one another and achieving harmonious relationships with each other. Striving for everybody’s participation in the community is also at the heart of this development circle.

Whether you are just a person selling at the corner of the street, a train driver, a maid or a taxi driver what you do defines who you are, and how your community will be in the near future. Whatever you do will have an impact in society which you exist in!
An average child will go to school, and an unprivileged child will most probably drop out due to pregnancy or financial problems. The average child will go to university, get successful and own a house worth 2 million or more. On the other hand the under privileged child may be the helper (the maid) to the average child.

People are who they do because of what they do, and they are what they do because of how their community is, and their communities are how they are because of what they do, and how they function hand in hand to develop themselves.
Now, how about a little bit of social responsibility? Take time to give back to the community and strive to give back to the ones in need. Take time to stop and pick up that piece of paper and trough it in the bin. Take time to stop by an old age home and say “hi, can I help you with something just for 30 minutes?” and maybe someone will be who he is because of what you taught them.


Rebecca Moloto said...

wow nice blog it's informative

princess peaRLy said...

I get what you saying but you confused me at the start... UBUNTU- I love it!

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