Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We are scared of wrong things

Wrong is attractive and it sells… try grabbing the Sunday newspapers and observe how much wrong is written about. Public figures (including politicians) are not afraid to do wrong. They do wrong things so they can catch the flashes of the camera in order for their fame to last a bit longer. “Celebrity fills petrol tank and runs” one of the newspapers reads. Now thing about it, doesn’t wrong sell?

Society is constantly changing, and it is now difficult to distinguish between wrong and right. Modernisation has taken the world by storm and most people are not afraid to do wrong. The access to the new information and communication technologies has reshaped the world and brought about a lot of negativity as well as benefits to it.  Society has lost track of what may be wrong and what may no longer be regarded as right.
Now, you tell me what is wrong? And what is right?


Rebecca Moloto said...

I think that we don't really know what is right or wrong but our surroundings make that choice for us.

princess peaRLy said...

I'll borrow you my Bible :)
Only dead fish goes wuth the stream... turn course and do what you know is right (ethics, morals and values). Be the change you want to see in the world my dear friend!

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