Friday, April 1, 2011

How do you step from the top of a 100-foot Pole?

When I realised that I had nobody to give me the balance, it came to me that I needed to find a way to step down from this 100 foot pole. I had some sort of feeling, a feeling that made the blood in my veins move faster than usual. I knew that something in me had changed and I could not put my fingure to it. I then figured out that I had to move from my comfort zone and face reality.

Reality had hit me when I least expected it to. It hit me at an unexpected moment when I needed someone to lean on for a longer period of time. “I’m leaving you in two days and you my friend will be left hanging".  Something in me said wake up and smell the coffee. You should learn to stand on your own I thought to myself. I must admit, it wasn't easy.
The ocean of emotions rose confidence in me. I told myself from that moment that I am done playing by somebody else’s rules to the game. I had to find my own mojo and depend to no one anymore. It is about time I trusted my instincts. it is about time I started over.

I looked down and said to myself, I will not let gravity bring me down. I am through with accepting limitations because someone said they are so. i am starting all over again and I will not be victim of circumItance. 

From today and on, nothing will bring me down. They say "some things will never change", but you will never know until you try. Something in me said; step down because someday in the near future, no one will be there to help you balance.
So I am stepping down from this 100-foot pole. I don’t know how but I know I will find a way to land comfortably.


Rebecca Moloto said...

This is a well balanced topic

princess peaRLy said...

Just go ahead and say it! Pearl Faith Boltman I will be fine without you! Well I wish you all of the best and you will surelly be missed! You are more than welcome to come visit me at the part-time class anytime you want. Much love- Your BFF Pearly your indian-coloured-black girl!

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