Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Power of Forgiveness

“How do you expect me to forgive him after all that he did to me?” and others may say “Forgiveness is a very difficult thing to do” we keep claiming and holding on to the thoughts of how bad the other people may have treated us. Well let me tell you something about the power of forgiveness. When you forgive, there is some form of positive emotion and spirit that surrounds you. No matter how bad the person may have hurt you, do not wait for him/her to ask for forgiveness for this will hold you back from living and enjoying your life.

As people we do mistakes and we expect to be forgiven. When you hold on to the grudge, you give your concentration to the person who may have offended you or hurt you and by so doing you allow that person to have some form of power against you. For example, when you are in a room, full of joy and laughter, the minute that person walks in. your mood will change. Do you anyhow relate to this scenario?

Well I did. As time went on I learned the power of forgiveness. I asked myself one question, as I go to church, believe in the word of god and call myself a Christian, pray to God to forgive me for my sins on the other hand I fail to forgive other people, what does that make me?

Anger is powerful emotion that can make you do and say horrible things. But forgiveness is the Greatest force that can take you places. A person that forgives is a person who is full of love. A person with love is a person whom is filled with laughter, joy and happiness. And when you are happy you are positive and positive people prosper in life.

I am where I am today because I have the power to forgive, I am positive, and I have faith in my God who inspired me through his scripture to forgive who trespass against me. And that faith has action.
Now smile, just put up your hand and greet that person whom you hated so much. Go on and shock him.  You will feel something, and that my friend is just a breeze of the new world you just opened. This is a world of a brighter future, and a world of a happy life.

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princess peaRLy said...

Always write God with a capital "G"... I agree, forgiveness makes the world a happier place to be in...

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