Sunday, April 10, 2011

Not all those who wonder are lost

Dear Ex-lover
I was wondering when the time will come, for us to rep up this thing, so I can get along with my life without feeling guilty. Yes! I was wondering when you will break up with me, because I just could not do it. I was not lost in that relationship, I was just sitting in that dark room, awaiting the end.  
Now that we have got that out of the way, I feel as if I just left prison. As I stand on Table Mountain, drinking cold water, I can feel the breeze run though my skin as the water slides down in to body. The stress is gone. “Scream” my instincts whispered to me “go on and say it” it kept pushing and pushing “I am free, say it” it pushed harder.

I looked at Robben Island and thought of the moments when I felt like I was traped on that island. From that moment and on I knew how Nelson Mandela felt in February11, 1990, because that is exactly how I felt. “Free at last” we share the same sentiment.
I must admit, it was a fun and interesting ride, but filled with depression, oppression as well as discrimination.  I felt as if I existed in the times of struggle against apartheid.
Now that I can go and be anywhere my heart tells me, without reporting to the great general. I am simply going to have a glass of water, let the breeze cleans my soul from all the darkness you brought and enjoy the beauty of nature

Yours, in the past
Regretful Ex-lover


Rebecca Moloto said...

I have to say this is a nice piece, I like the way your story unfolds.

P.s. I feel sorry for your ex

Wendy Motsisi said...

very poetic , i enjoyed it.

princess peaRLy said...

You should double check your grammer and spelling before you post... Feeling like you were on Robben Island :) Shame... At least you had a view of the "beacon of hope" as Madiba calls Table Mountain.

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