Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It is a poor idea to lie to yourself.

Weeks after my relationship had ended, and after a series of sleepless nights I decided to take a walk into town alone. I call them Power Walks. Yes, that walk you take to clear up your mind. “oh hell, it is just loneliness” my friend always criticises me.
As I took what I call my power walk, I saw them. There they were, looking as happy as ever. My ex and the new fling walking towards my direction. They were giggling and looking as happy as ever. There was no way out, I was trapped. As they registered me, I quickly grabbed my wallet and threw myself into the nearest street vendor.
“What?” I said this because he stared at me with that look, as if he knew my life story and understood what I was running away from. As I took out the money in my wallet, that frightening feeling came to me as I saw them walk closer to me. “What do you want?” the street vendor asked me. I stood there puzzled, “umm, a packet of cigarettes, the red box” Really now? I bought a packet of cigarettes that I did not even need because of adrenalin or was it to lie to myself so I can impress my ex and the new fling? I was unreal and the thought of it was not impressive at all.
As I grabbed for my order, there it was.    Pity from the face of the Somalian street vendor it was the final straw. That was it, from then I decided I will not be defined by what other people do to me or say. I am single happy and fabulous!
When they got to me, I burnt my cigarette and looked at them. “Hi” they said it as if they were rehearsing it from the second they saw me. “Hi, I hate you” my response was farfetched and wildly unexpected. I must say, it took them by storm. I just didn’t have the time to negotiate my happiness or listen to them tell me how happy they were, so I walked away as their jaws touched the ground. Before I forget, did I mention that I looked fabulous?


lawrenceM VS SiyabongaM said...

I love this blog...

Charne Tromp said...

Ha ha! Nice one Lawrence, said with attitude.

princess peaRLy said...

There can only be one Mzizi!

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