Sunday, April 3, 2011

Great Company, BAD Service

I had the greatest smile in the world when I was told that I qualified to buy that netbook I had always wanted on a contract. I believed that 8.ta, with its great advertising and marketing strategies will bring some difference, but I had a big surprise waiting for me on the other side. Let me simplify my 8.ta horror to you. 

February 10, "It" finally arrived and I was no longer in the mood, but I collected it because i desperately needed it.

I had arranged for the company to electronically take the money from my account and they decided to somehow not take the money and block my internet. This is my punishment of March.

March 18, I could no longer stand the situation that I had no access to internet so i visited the Telkom store to enquire. Guess what. I was told that "we can’t help you, we have nothing to do with the 8.ta, and we just sell their stuff. OW!!! So a number was given to me so i can call. 081 180, I dial... the number you have dialled do not exist... 

I still do not have access to my internet and I so regret that I bought something from 8.ta



Rebecca Moloto said...

Eish service delivery is really poor with these companies.

princess peaRLy said...

Try Cell C or Vodacom (afterall they are red now!)

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