Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The same Mistake, three years later

“Dear God, it is me again, with the copy of the problem I had exactly three years ago.” After recovering from that tragic event I had sworn that it will never happen again. Well what they always say may be true “Never say never”, because it may accidentally happen to you. This time it accidentally happened and I realised it just in time. I therefore accepted the situation and sat on my table to find a suitable way to eliminate this mistake before there is much damage to it. “Crisis management”

I knew it was happening again before I could even confirm it. And I accepted that in life, we may repeat the same mistake several times. It may be in different contexts, but it will leave you to the same conclusion. It doesn’t help to blame yourself and confronting people about it, trying to shift the blame. Well it has happened, life goes on.

No matter how bad the other person may have screwed you. No matter how many knives you may have on your back. Sometimes all it takes to deal with the issue is to keep quiet and deal with the issue at hand. “Jesus Christ, please help me get through this one. Amen” 

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princess peaRLy said...

Hope your prayer was answered! :)

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