Thursday, June 2, 2011

Friday the 13, Wo HAHA!!!

There is no way on earth that I could never Blog about this day. I had spent over R4 000 to prepare for this memorable day. It was My First Graduations, for my National Diploma in Public Relations. Friday, May 13, 2011 was the scheduled day for the honouring of all PR students that had made it as the class of 2011. “Finally the day had arrived, it was as if it will never come” my mother added the joyful comment to me as we were driving from SOWETO to Pretoria to the event.
"Make sure that you smile when you get on stage, right through to the second you get off, and look at the cameras.” My cousin’s advice popped in my head, Khanyi who had recently graduated in Transport economics in the past two months.

When we finally arrived at the venue: Tshwane University of Technology, Soshanguve Campus my level of excitement rose even more higher than expected. I suddenly felt the urge to look for all my previous class mates and squeeze in the opportunity take as many pictures as I can. You know what they say, “take a picture, it lasts longer.”

I could not help it, but I had to wait for the moment were I get on stage and my name was to be called to collect my National Diploma.  And when the moment had finally come, I grabbed the opportunity to shine with both hands; anyone who was in that hall can tell you what I did on that stage. After all, it was my “Operah Moment”, and there was no chance in hell, that I was going to let it pass me by just like that.
Woha ha ha!!! From that day, every time Friday the 13th comes into conversation, I will remember the best and wonderful moments of my first graduations and special day for me, my mother and Family.

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princess peaRLy said...

Congradulations!!! I am super proud of you! You looked very handsome on your graduation day (but then again, don't you always?)... I wish you all of the best regarding your future plans... God bless you richly my friend!

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