Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fashion & the fashion shops in the Cape Town fringe

Fashion is an element that cannot be excluded from our everyday lives. Fashion has been in society for centuries and it stands firm, and it does not seem like it is going anywhere anytime soon. Society has mde it clear that fabrics play a very important part, in classing individuals. It also has a great influence on individual’s behaviour and the plays a great part on how individuals feel. Fashion has also become an element that outlines the status differences in society. Whether we like it or not, Fabrics and shoes have a great influence on how society views you, and entre preneurs will take this opportunity to price these shoes and fabrics according to the increase and decrease in demand.

The fringe is one of the areas that enforce these policies of shoes and bag. A walk around the fringe shows how fashion has penetrated its way into being the main thing that puts society together and binds it, in order to function more effectively. It has proved people with jobs for many peoplein the fringe and created status and wealth in the society. It is impossible to move around the area and not notice that fashion has made itself the most important element of human survival.

Even if we may go to our closerts to choose a pair of normal jeans, thinking that we have made a choice thatresents us from the fashion industry. Little do we know that we will be making a choice of a jean that was selected for us by people in the fashion industry. The shops in the fringe play a part in selling these garments of human survival

The Grand Paraid is an open space where you will find about a hundred vendors selling second hand clothing or some imitation clothing of real designer clothing. The majority of the vendors are generally foreigners from the upper countries of Africa. They are said to have an undisclosed supplier for these clothing that they sell. “We are just making an honest living, it’s better than selling drugs and we are proving for those who cannot afford to buy the realand expensive labels.” A vendor states when he wasasked to comment on why theyare selling immitations of real labels and why don’t they create their own labels.

The shops on Long Street, which also fall part and parsle of the fringe, serve to put Cape Town in the world map of fashion, attractingtaurism and creating job opportunity for those who are less fortunate. And when the less fortunate become fortunate, they will then purchase these shoes and fabrics to be placed in a particular class. 

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