Wednesday, June 8, 2011

B- My Crush, My Present, My past

Being in a relationship with B- was and still is the most interesting thing that I have come across since I walked into this dating industry. Since the day we met we have been meeting after working hours, and one day, just once we sat in one office and all we did was just work and talk. I’d like to point it out, that is the only date that we ever had. Yes, we watched movies at my place or went to the park that’s all.

This is the part where one starts to ask himself whether if there is another party to the relationship. “Are you asking me if B- is cheating?” my best friend Siphe asked. “I hate this stage of the anticyclone and I would not call it cheating because we did not reach an agreement that we are not in a monogamous relationship.” My response defeated him and I hate to admit it but I was a victim of what people call “FAT en SET”.

My situation had a simple solution, “break It up” Siphe viciously slapped me with the suggestion. “It’s so clear that you are being played here” he added to finish the job at killing my emotions. Is it that simple? To fall in and out of love as if nothing ever happened? Was is love or was it last? Or was it 3 months of laughter, joy and a promise of a brighter future?
Like most people would do, I confronted B-, with the inspiration of Tony Braxton’s new song- “why don’t you love me”- I asked for honesty and the truth.  Trust in me, I did not want to hear the truth. “I’m married and I have a daughter”. Right there and then, I concluded B- as my Crush, My present and my past.

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