Thursday, July 7, 2011

The elephant in the room

Hay you bloggers out there; it’s been ages since I’ve been blogging. I always say life is more fun when you move around, and when we grow up, we tend to change and be different from what we used to be. Behaviour changes as well as our mental status. Sometimes we stop being friends with others because we feel that they are not fit to be our friends anymore. We fall and bruise ourselves, but no matter how bad the wound may be, we always find our way up. It tough growing up, that’s one thing out parents don’t tell us. Those my friends are the moments were the elephant has got into the room and it keeps growing bigger and bigger, and you have to adjust the house for it to get shelter.

The changing of the look of my blog, the blog name and all, is to try to reflect where I am and where I aim to go. Therefore, I settled for the “suitcase guy.”  So here I am, on my journey moving around, Blogging for me and for you to be entertained. How hard can it be? And when I feel that the elephant is in the room again, you will feel the need to adjust,  move or change.

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princess peaRLy said...

Looking forward to the new blogs... Please do double check all your blogs...

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