Saturday, July 16, 2011

What motivates me?

Hay fellow bloggers out there, It’s me again, the suitcase guy… isn’t it an irony that the question what motivates you? Reaches me at a time where I have two suitcases at home and I don’t know what to take with me on my journey back to Cape Town. “Take everything”, a friend of mine suggested as I was battling with my decision making. That would be the best solution ever, but those who fly a lot locally they would inform you that you are only allowed 20kg of luggage. So I have to select the best, out of the best. That’s the same process that is used when our job applications are being processed. Never the less, we still have hope and we keep going and going till some door opens, even if it takes years, there is that thing that keeps us going.

Travelling is what motivates me. Don’t you start thinking that packing my bags and getting in a bus and arriving at a destination is what thrills me! It is more than that. It is the whole experience that motivates me. The countless smiles that I come across on my journey through life, the fantastic people that I get to make friendship with, the kind of impact that I get to have on these strangers, the experience of learning new things and being a free soul that is not limited by anything.

Yes, I’m motivates by you. I’m motivated by your dress code when you walk in the streets of my desired destination. I’m motivated by the empty fields and structures that I see when I’m seated at the window seat. I’m motivated by new experiences and these things are why I wake up in the morning, look at myself in the mirror and smile, just because that im advancing and growing as the days go by.


princess peaRLy said...

Travelling back to me, can't wait to see you!

princess peaRLy said...

"Hay fellow bloggers out there, It’s me again," you should stop saying that all the time lol...Nice to have you back in the Mother City :)

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