Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gravity won’t pull me down.

Gravity once got me down on my knees. My face was up against the ground, tears creating some form of land marks, and with no chance and no idea of how I was to survive my situation. That my friend was the lowest moment of my life, but there was a part of me that kept fighting the idea of accepting defeat. I felt it from deep within me shake. It was as if I got an injection of pure adrenalin, and it sure pumped me with hope. Something a friend of my taught me, and I’m so grateful he did because it powerfully worked for me at that moment in time.
My self-motivation started to get up on its feet. The voice in my head calmly whispered to me saying: “Stand up and go look at you in the mirror. Smile, fix yourself up, and walk straight up.” And so I did, while I listened to the voice within me pick up the pieces.
“Don’t let gravity push you down”

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princess peaRLy said...

What was your motivation?

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