Monday, July 25, 2011

Dear Stranger dressed in plastic bags

Thanks for the complement, but if you only knew I smile because of a reason. You came to me dressed in trousers and plastic bags thinking I will chase you away, but I still smiled at you instead. Your compliment touched my conscience and from then I drifted my attitude into wanting to give you something worth a million, but all you asked for was five Rands.

As you approached me I was going through my bank statements, credit cards and trying to budget my way through this month’s finances. I reached for my bag and doubled the request. “May God bless you and double the amount from where it came from” you said.
Dear stranger, so you should know, your blessings came upon me and I want you to know that was the last that I had, I hope that you have used it wisely. A pastor once said to me, “when you give, there must be that feeling that wishes you could turn back the heads of time and take it back, on the other hand you will feel great and proud of your giving. That’s when you know that you have given yourself something.Yes, when you give with emotion, you will receive back, just remember to keep giving willingly, and as time goes on, you will be blessed greatly.”

I want you to know, that I’m grateful that you asked me, even though I didn’t want you to at the beggining.

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