Thursday, July 7, 2011

A friend in need-

Some people are naturals; they were born to do it. They were born to do anything, or whatever it may be. Some of us, we have to learn the hard way. We would have to undergo hours and hours of training and years of education to get it right, while some people are blessed by God with the talents. The good news for us is that we do not have to do it all alone. So we decide on getting assistants, partners, lovers and the cream of the cake, we get the best friend. Someone we can rely on at all times. We go out to get that person whom we hope that he/ she may pick us up alone the way when we fall down.  Even though we may sometimes thing that we can do it all by ourselves, we will need that extra boost along the way.

When we invite people into our lives, there is bound to be change. “Not necessarily” you might be saying. The time you take off from your lunch breaks, that hour that you sacrifice to spend time with your new buddy, that’s change. People don’t like change, even though they know very well that it is good. Now we need to understand that change is constant and it will impact our lives as long as we still live on earth.

You can’t waist your life sitting and wondering how your life could have turned out to be if you could have asked for a little bit of help. Just take the brave step and do it. After all, you are who you are, because of other beings that exist, and existed around you in your lifetime.

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princess peaRLy said...

It's also in human nature to be independant :)

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