Thursday, July 21, 2011

To depend without choice

In the society that I grew up in, people like to be independent. They like to be seen as individuals and like to stand out. People who live in Soweto came from all the different directions of the country,  and there seems to be a dying spirit of UBUNTU – which means a person is who he is because of others.

As the children we adapted the trends and beliefs that society reflected upon us. People wanted to drive their own flashy cars, and live in mentions just as the western society has taught us through it's channels, we became very competitive. Competition demanded a lot of money, and the high demand of money lead to crime. Society began to die, in its own hands.

The only people who had to depend on were my parent, the only source of income at that time. Well to some people they depend on their jobs so they can feed their families and strive to fit in society. They depend on the trains to arrive early so that they may keep their jobs; the patient in ICU at the hospital depends on eskom to keep the electricity going as he is breathing through the machine.

Even though we may be taught or inherited independence from an early age, and we keep making endless alterations on our culture.  As much as we may hate on depending on the next person, we all have to depend on someone else in the world at a given point in time. We may not like the idea, but we just can’t make it on our own.

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princess peaRLy said...

That's true yet from time to time you should do your bit for society and let someone else depend on you too instead of you being dependant on others all the time...

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