Tuesday, September 20, 2011

bucket list / 100 things to do before you die?

 I have a number of things that I want to do before I die. These desires started when I was young. The list ends at 40 but keeps piling up as I grow older. The list is as follows:
1.     Complete Matric with good marks
2.    To go on a boat
3.   Go to watch a theatre production
4.   Know how to swim
5.   Play Golf
6.   Own a laptop
7.    To be on TV
8.   To win the spelling B, competition
9.   Get accepted by Tshwane University of Technology and live at Ress.
10.                       Get my first job while studying.
11. Buy myself my a cell phone
12.                        Drive
13.                       Find a best friend who is to be in my life forever
14.                       Perform at the Grahamstown national Arts Festival
15.                       Design a range of clothing that is to have meaning to people’s lives
16.                       Fall in love
17.                        Graduate
18.                       Get my first real good pay job
19.                       Travel the country
20.                     Go to the beach on my own expense
21.                        Go camping with friends
22.                      Take a long distance bus/ train over 20 hours.
23.                      To fly on an airplane
24.                     Sit in court and witness
25.                      To go to London, Paris, New York
26.                     Attend A fashion show
27.                      Move to Cape Town for A while
28.                     Work as an Editor for a huge Editorial Publication
29.                     To attend over 10 Conferences
30.                     Obtain a Doctorate degree
31.                       Buy a 15 room house
32.                      Buy my parents a S.U.V Car
33.                     Have a Chinese/ Japanese and Korean friend
34.                     To be on table mountain
35.                     Run the 2 oceans marathon
36.                     Attend three different universities in South Africa
37.                      Own a restaurant
38.                     Work in parliament (even for a short period)
39.                     Win/ get a nomination for an Award from the industry.
40.                    Be wealthy and die happy…

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