Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My big fat BIG dream.

I had always dreamed of being in a black suit. Not just any black suit but the best of the kind. The theme and setting changes as my dream develops as the years go by, while I’m getting older. I dream of attending and most importantly planning the best events South Africa has ever seen. I dream of having the biggest office on the top floor with a huge window and the best view of the city. The phone rings and the two assistants working for me jump out of adrenalin to make sure that it is answered as it rings for the third time.

I dream of editing the most expensive and prestigious publication the world have ever read.  I dream of my late nights in the office, trying to chase deadlines. I dream of myself standing at my office door saying; “hay! Bring me a cup of coffee and make sure it’s hot, and you make sure that everything is on point for the benefit, I want everything to be perfect for this event.”

The smile on my face is ecstatic, as I accept the award from the industry. The sound of cameras keep making the routine sounds on the background as the crowd applauds the extra ordinary work that I have delivered. That is my dream. I was also confused as you are when I woke up, but it started to make sense to me as the day went by.

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princess peaRLy said...

I wish you best of luck on wakeing up and making your dream a reality! Don't forget about me when you wearing that Armani suit!

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