Saturday, February 18, 2012

Do you really want my Opinion?

What is an opinion? 

In my own words an opinion is a voiced out thought about a particular thing or somebody. When we ask a person for his/ her opinion, are we actually really asking to hear that particular individuals thoughts? Or we are asking that person to tell us the good things only?

Sometimes, we as people tend to get angry when people give their true and straightforward opinions about us, or about situations which may be affecting us at the moment. We are reluctant to accept other people's views. Even though opinions are not the truth, we need to acknowledge that it is that particular persons opinion and it may not stand as a  fact.

A particular friend of mine introduced me to his boyfriend whom I happened to know. Two weeks later after observing the lovers behavior, there were particular tendencies that I did not like and I voiced my opinions to the friend. Since the incident our friendship has got to a downwards slope.

Sometimes, we want people to tell us what we desire, not what they truly think. We expect people to lie to us so that we can survive the day and keep believing that the lie will turn out into becoming the truth.

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