Thursday, August 18, 2011

A skill set called leadership

A wise man once said that the best leaders are the once who know how to follow. Some people would rather hang on to their beliefs that one is born a leader. For instance, when a person is born in royalty, he or she is bound to be the leader in future weather they have the skills or not. While we are in school, we are told and taught that being a leader requires some skills. We learn these skills through our life experiences.

While I was learning about this whole leadership factor, I realised that in life there are three different kinds of people, the leaders, the followers and those who are in between.

The followers are the introverts- the kind of people who don’t have much to say. These are the people who sit in the middle of the class and never say anything. The year can even go by without you knowing their names. Then there are the leaders, generally they seem to be referred to as loud mouths and always have a take on everything that happens around then. Lastly I noticed the In between, thats where I fall, we are the kind that have both qualities of a leader and a follower. For some people, we are difficult to understand and we tend to get misjudged.

Look around , do u notice the different personalities around you.  And if you had to class yourself, where would u stand?

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princess peaRLy said...

Dear please do double check your spelling... e.g once - ones, weather - whether

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