Friday, August 12, 2011

Truth, lies and Secrets

Have you ever had a secret? Have you ever been told something so thrilling that you can feel it boiling within you, but you were told to never tell anybody- it’s a secret- and you must take it to your grave? Have you ever found out something, but decided to keep it as a secret because it might destroy lives of other people?

People say “The truth shall set you free” others say the truth is better of kept secret. Well I think that the truth may sometimes be as evil as a lie. It can destroy families and can make you lose everything you worked hard building, on the other hand a lie can do far more damage at a later stage in time.

So what would u do? Would you tell the truth? Would you tell a lie? Or take the secret you your grave?

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princess peaRLy said...

Please double check your blog before posting. I love the picture of the boy whispering something to the little's really cute!

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