Thursday, August 18, 2011

Have you figured out the second head fake?

Sometimes in life, we all had a chance to work for a certain organisation. If not we will in the near future.  Our first days are filled with smiles and encouragement from the staff. The look of the situation seems brighter and way promising. But somewhere in the bunch of smiles lies that evil woman or man who exists to make people’s lives a living hell.

I’m going to refer to this person as the “office rotten potato”. These people may not see the problem, and regard themselves as always right. They seem to think as if they pee Champaign or they may think that they poo Ice cream. When you look around the office, everybody looks miserable because of this person. When you analyse the situation even further, you realise that the office will be much better off and much more fun without this person.

Once you are done analysing this situation, the questions that come up in your mind are: Why is she so miserable, why is she behaving like this? Why is she making everybody’s life a living hell? She is not even the boss around here…  What did I ever do to her? The questions keep rolling every time she enforces her evil ways on you.

We then keep silent while we are being bullied and bossed around by these people. Not that we want to keep quiet about it, it’s because this person has totally brain washed your boss and there is nothing that you can say to change the situation.  Nobody wants to land up on the trouble makers’ bad books, or we may still want to keep the job. But once this person decides that she does not like you, you’re up for a bumpy ride. The reasons are countless.

Nobody wants to work in an environment like that, but unfortunately, every office has its own rotten potato. Think about it, who is the rotten potato in your office.


princess peaRLy said...

"They seem to think as if they pee Champaign or they may think that they poo Ice cream." Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Marian said...

You got the first head fake... where is the second.

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