Sunday, August 7, 2011

How hard is it to follow instructions?

When we get to have the privileges of buying an appliance that we desire, for instance a cell phone, it comes with a book of instructions. We tend to though it aside and fidget with the appliance hoping that we will figure out how it works on ourselves. Not that because we are ignorant, part of it is because instructions normally come to us in complicated language, with technical phrases and clauses that are almost impossible to understand.

Instructions have always been important as they assist and work as guidelines to get the job done. A lecture of mine once said in the world there are two different types of people, the High-context People, and the Low-context. The low context people are more concentrated in following instructions, listening, and meditation. To these low-contexts people, words don’t mean much; it is the behaviour and act that matters most. And it is opposite with the high-context culture. “It is not what you can say, it is what you can justify that matters most.”

Is the resistance of following instructions the reason why the world stands at where it is today? - The constantly increasing Crime rate, war, terrorism, and global warming
- Take time to think about it, If the world could follow instructions, how would it be?

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Is that lecturer Nirvanna? :)

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