Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Life has choices

We all live in a world of choices. Yes in life, there are always choices. Some choose to get married, some choose to bachelors and some choose to stay single, consciously or unconsciously so, they made the choice. Its either we choose to something or we choose not to do it. No matter what the situation we may be facing at the time, we are left with the choice in our hands. It’s either to accept the situation and deal with the consequences or do something about the situation in order for it to suit you.

People keep complaining because of their unemployment status, they then blame it on the government, and hate on the BEE beneficiaries. I say to them, do something about your unemployment status, and for the ill why don’t you take a stand about your health conditions and stop expecting people to feel pity for you. And to the homeless guys, try not being homeless for a change, go on an adventure, pick up metals and bottles and sell them to the scrapyards and recycling houses. How is that for a change?

Some of you may say; “you do not understand” and my response is; Yes, I do not understand because it is a choice!

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