Monday, October 24, 2011

Robbed by A “bestfriend”

Firstly, lets get this out of the way. A Xhosa guy robbed me. Yes he was very intelligent about it. The miner took most of the gold and vanished.

secondly I would like to highlight that this is what I think of the situation and this is how I see it. They say that there are two sides to a story and this is how my story goes. Someone whom I use to call my best friend pack my staff and it seems like he will never bring them back. It is practically my fault that my stuff is gone, because I trusted him too much, but he ended up disappointing me. (In a nut shell) He robbed me.

People who live and grew up in Johannesburg, formally known as “Joburgers” have the stereotype that Xhosa women are Gold diggers and they will go all their way to milk whatever which they can get from you, well this statement is partially true. (According to me- dont sue me for it) “They” will milk the living hell out of you and before you know it, your jeans, shoes and bedding are gone. Lets acknowledge Individualism while we are on that note (Not all Xhosa people are the same).  Oh, and not forgetting you scarves. They will be gone before you could have the second blink. That’s how most of these people operate.

I don’t mean to offend Xhosa people, and I embrace the fact that people are different and one cannot be classified because he/ she belongs to a certain group or culture, but the environment we live in has a great influence on how we behave. And this confirms it that the Xhosa nation is well known for its digging, and they are surely good at it.

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