Monday, October 24, 2011

Bring Back My Stuff

Dear Ex best friend
We stated of as strangers in an upmarket CPUT residence, and we seemed to get along very well. After 2 months we became best buddies and we became the best buddied that Cape Town has ever seen. I trusted you with my life and allowed you to wear my clothes; little did I know that you were doing your own shopping spree.


I smiled and gave you encouragement as you looked fabulous in my wardrobe. I looked at the heels of my shoes get finished as you walked and asked myself what would have God done if he were me? I asked you to land me you digital camera for my graduation, but you thought I would not return with it so you beat around the bush until I left without it. This made me think, someday you might run away with my stuff but I chose to ignore the thought.

Beginning of June I gave you the keys to my room, and asked you to clear out for me. I asked you to take my stuff to your house and bring them back at the beginning of the second semester and 5 months down the line, there is no sign that my stuff will ever return.

Like any human being I made assumptions, and declare that you robbed me. In fact, you dig most of the gold out of my mine. I bet that you got home and told you mother that everything is yours.

You became a bad boy the moment you knew that you have failed and the university is excluding you. I supported you regardless of the fact that I left my room in your hands so you can study, instead I return to my room and it smells like trash.

Please bring back my stuff so I can give it to the homeless guy who greets me with a smile every time I go buy bread.

Please bring back my staff.


Anonymous said...

y dnt u call o sms ths person?

lesley sono said...

lol..interesting read i must say.

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