Monday, October 24, 2011

The wars between the single and married…

 I would like to declare that I myself am a victim to this war. You can only understand this when one of u rest friends gets to be married. From the second that ring enters the figure, everything changes. The “I” becomes a “we”, and before you know it, like X you are being solved out the equation.  “we don’t like this anymore” ”we don’t think it’s a good idea to go there and there”, one you get to be hit by this wave, just know that the war is on.

After three bottles of wine at a dinner table in a restaurant in long street, when I realised that I had lost in the war. An engagement ring was unveiled to me and an announcement of a move hit my ears to finish the ruthless defeat. There was no chance in hell that I could attend a wedding in Namibia. That settled it, I had lost the war.

Just when I had accepted my defeat, I was introduced to somebody else. Yes, a hook-up, in all the wars of the single vs. the married I have never experienced this kind of defeat. I was completely speechless and solved.

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