Sunday, February 13, 2011

Public Relations Design

Four years into studying public Relations and I had no idea what is Designer PR. Right then and there at the internet café, I realised my ignorance and that there is so much that I am still to learn.  What is designer Public Relations? My search had begun. The quest to know this topic that sounded so artistic and filled with creativity.

I grabbed the key board and scanned through people blogs trying to find some sort of direction. Unfortunately, the blogs were equipped. I then Google searched it and the results were rather surprising too, there was no answer to stop this burning fire on my hands.

What is designer PR? My search is yet to still continue.


Siya Mahomba said...

I like your honesty.

Rebecca Moloto said...

hahaha it wont hurt to come up with a creative meaning for the topic not everything is always in the books.

you honest thats good

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