Thursday, February 24, 2011

If I were the boss!

If I were the boss, I would give her a second chance at life. I would raise her from the dead and say; “wakeup my friends, and make sure you don’t do the same mistakes.” she was named after a certain family member, whose name was Julia.  She was a beautiful, wonderful and down to earth girl whose dream was to become an accountant, of which she only got a bite of the cake.

As i look out of the window, i recall all the moments we used to share. When we used to sit together in bus number 77 on our way to and back from Greenside. We would ignore the bullies as they performed their devious duties and we laughed at our own wicket ways. We shared the juiciest gossip and found a way to smile as the 35 min drive injected its way twice a day in our lives.

During the 4 years of her sickness, there was no cure to this disease. How could this be? There was no prayer that could be given to rid it. “It’s a mix connective tissue disease” the doctors would predict and at some cases the response would be “we have no idea what it is.” it killed her even more to now know what was killing her. "I’m dying! Face reality, one day you will come to my house and they will tell you that Julia has passed on" she kept reminding me. I did not know what to say.

2 years later, I sit in the same bus (J77) to Greenside. An old lady sat on the seat which used to be our favorite. I felt as if she stood there looking at me as i looked at the lady. I thought to myself that if I were the boss, if I were the boss of this world, if I had the power that god has. I would give her a second chance at life.

But I am not God, I am not the boss.


Photo: by John Veerkamp


Siya Mahomba said...

Oh so sad and touchy, I'm sorry about your loss. Very well written!

Rebecca Moloto said...

ya we can't be able to control everything but if we were the boss. well written and touchy

princess peaRLy said...

Everything happens for a reason... A time to live, a time to die... A time to laugh, a time to cry...

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