Monday, February 28, 2011

I WANT IT … (Fantasies of a student)

Have you ever imagined having everything that you ever dreamed for?
Imagine it and take time to think about it. Picture after Graduating that job finds its way into your hands. That title that comes with a Personal assistant, Stylist and a Publicist calling you to tell you what is next on you dream list.

The job that allows you to stand on the podium, while the click sounds of the camera flash lights frequent its way to your face as you watch the pushing and shuffling of journalist battling to hear what your about to say.
Imagine the corner office on the 30th floor that you always wanted. Yes, that office with the big window and with the best view to the city. Don’t you want all the invitations, the standing ovations at industry conferences and press conferences with magazines, newspapers giving you the best reviews?  Imagine Oprah to call and ask for an interview.
Can u already see that award in your hands and you hear the screams from groupies and fans in the crowd telling you that that they love you? You give a thank you speech and one of the groupies jumps on stage and being stopped by bouncers before he gets to you? Don’t you want the fame, the fortune, the success and all?

Go ahead and look at yourself in the mirror.
Think bigger and deeply about it.
Can you see that you want it all! - you deserve it!
It is healthy to take a ride on dream land once in a while; you can never know what it can manifest.


Siya Mahomba said...

This sent me to the dream land for a while...very enjoyable to read, but I came across a few spelling errors. Please proofread carefully next time to avoid this!

Rebecca Moloto said...

Oh my how I wish my dream would come true just now. You a good writer i respect you for that I think we really have a problem with our spelling atleast I am not alone.

princess peaRLy said...

I can imagine you daydreaming about this all day! Reach for your dreams my friend! Make me proud!

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