Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"The BroomStick"

Dressed in old fashioned clothing that her Madam has given her, she puts am abrupt silent smile on her face. She makes it a point that she is the first to wake up in the morning to prepare the Madams’ kids lunch, run a bath for the master and prepare breakfast for the whole family. "Emily" they call her. A single mother of two boys, of whom she gets to see only six times in a year.

Real name:                Mahlakala Rathokolo
Age:                            48
Academic:                 Standard 8
Occupation:               “the broomstick”

She consciously lies on her pillow in resistant, waiting for the alarm clock to go off. The reflections in her mind unfold the predicted experience of the day. The mop on the kitchen floor, the fork in the shower, the plate in the bathroom, the panties on the passage, and dog hair scattered around the house.

“Emily, Oh my God this woman!” “What do I pay you for?” “Don’t tell me about a raise, you eat my food” “You’re ungrateful” “prepare breakfast” "Why is my coffee not here when i need it?" “Your name is just difficult to say you’ll be Emily” the voices of her madam kept ringing in the background of her thoughts as the mocking bird made the irritating melodies on the window.

Knowing that she has a family to feed, she wakes up with faith and grabs the bible that lies under the old chest of drawers next to her bed. She opened it up and her knees she went.

picture is extracted from: http://www.verbal.co.za/ 


SIDNEY said...

i must say, this was a sad but true piece of blog that many South African "domestics" go thru on a daily basis.. whats sad its the fact that the housekeeper is only able to see her little boys 6 times in a year and the other disturbing thing was that she is being addressed by Emily instead of her real name, hectic stuff..VERDICT: i think it was a well prepared blog, u never disappoint man, thumbs up!

Rebecca Moloto said...

this is a true reflection of what happens each day. i like the way you carried out your storyline

Siya Mahomba said...

This is a very sad reality check! Its relealy impressisve how you have clearly given a description of this harsh reality creatively!

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