Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Bones Of The Witch Doctor"

“I hear the winds of change blowing. She was told to face the demon not knowing that the demon was right under her nose, right under her heart beat. The demon was massaging her soul into confusion, confusion pilling up in her mind leading her to no conclusion.”

Bones we scattered on the floor as she prophesized the situation. The stormy weather gained momentum as the consultation progressed. The two rural women sat on the rug as they listened impatiently and carefully as the truth was about to be revealed. They looked at her as she pointed at the bones with the black stick that looked as if it were a black cows tail, making it fly across every direction of the room. While performing her rituals there was a strike of lightning and followed by an unexpected yelling and jumping.
The secret was out. The Sounds in their ears were like a 62 piece Orchestra. The feeling was incredibly difficult to explain. All that they knew was that at that moment they were falling out of Love. Everything was falling in to place and their lives were changed forever. No, it cannot be, my husband? It’s impossible! She questioned with shock and disappoint.

Sangoma- the witch doctor

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Siya Mahomba said...

I enjoyed reading this post; it is captivating and very interesting. However, I did not quite understand the point...It left me hanging and a bit confused. I feel like I have missed on some information...

Rebecca Moloto said...

it's one scary topic for me it shows you have actually moved out of your comfort zone

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