Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Power of the Credit Card

While growing up, my mother used to take me for shopping. There were two kinds of clothes that one could buy Mom clothes and Fancy clothes. Mom clothes would last for ever and fancy shiny clothes would make u feel wonderful, beautiful and really good. To get the clothes she would take out this Magic Card.
I wanted that card; I dreamed and had fantasies about having that card.  Little did I know that I will find myself 15 years later walking the streets of Cape Town with it:

Occupation:  Student
The bag on my hand: Prada (R1200)
Shoes: Lacoste (R365)
Jeans: Mr. Price (R139)
Shirt: Jet- (R45) from kiddies section, no one will ever know
Last but no least, scarf (R600) - Vivian Westwood

A card so powerful that it would buy you anything u dreamed or wished for, a card that had no limits to the world. The window displays would yell at me as I walk pass with confidence and excitement. "Buy me, buy me!!!" my mind would hear the echo. But the consequences of the feelings were not so great. Suddenly there was a vibration from my bag, I then quickly dig in my bag. A private number... it was the Bank...


michelleannramsay said...

Love your blog. It's funny and real and SO TRUE!!

lawrenceM said...

Thank you mich...

Charne Tromp said...

Yeah, great one Lawrence. I too have a similar relationship with my 'Magic Card.' lol

Siya Mahomba said...

Credit cards or "magic cards", as you put it, can do seriuos damage to one's fanancial life if not used carefully. I like how you have laid down the point and the message of this post.

SIDNEY said...

lol, must say.. this really stood out for me, well done!

Rebecca Moloto said...

don't we all wish to have the magic card all the time. now this is by far my best read from you very entertaining

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