Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Curriculum Vitae

This is the CV that goes to the job applications... I just want to know whether it may be great or if it may need some serious editing...

PERSONAL DETAILS                                                    
Name:                                    Lawrence, Siyabonga
Surname:                              Mzizi
ID:                                           880000 000 080
Sex:                                        male
Nationality:                           South African
Address:                               CPUT, Masimanyane residence,
Gore Street, Cape Town,                           
Postal code:                        8000
Cell Number:                       083 000 0000
E-mail:                                   lawrencemzizi@gmail.com
Languages:                         Zulu, Tshwana, Sesotho, English
Occupation:                         B.Tech student at University (CPUT)


Institution:                            Tshwane University of Technology
Course:                                 Certificate in Introduction to  Communications and
Year:                                      2007

Institution:                            Tshwane University of Technology
Course:                                 Diploma in Public Relations Management
Year:                                      2007- 2010                                       
Institution:                      Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Course:                                 B.Tech in Public Relations Management
Year:                                      2011
Major subjects:                   Media studies 3
                                                Communication Science 4
                                                Public Relations 4
                                                Management Practice 4
                                                Research Methodology

Name of Organisation:      Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa
Occupation:                         Public Relations Intern (Volunteer)
Type of Organisation:       NPO.
Period:                                  9 November- 15 December 2011
Name of Organisation:      Design Development & Research Conference 11
Occupation:                         Delegate assistant
Type of organisation:       Educational Institution Conference
Period:                                  23-27 September 2011

Name of Organisation:      Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Occupation:                         Student Tutor/ Admin assistnt
Type of organisation:       Educational institution
Period:                                  8 Months
Name of Organisation:      Proactive Hygiene Solution
Occupation:                         Student Intern
Type of organisation:       Branding Solutions
Period:                                  6 Months

Organisation:                      Khungwini Welfare Organisation
Project:                                 9 Months CSI Project by Tshwane University of Technology
Type of business:              N.G.O
Type of job:                                     Fundraiser
Group Name:                       Enorpro. Communications
Initiators of project:           Department of public Relations and Business Communication. (TUT)

Name of Organisation:      South African Association for Conference Industry
Occupation:                         task team for SAACI conference 2009
Type of organisation:       Industry Association


Nuha                                       Communications Manager
                                                Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa
                                                O21 000 6450

Warda Peck                            Supervisor
                                                Cape Peninsula University of Technology
                                                Department of Public Relations
                                                021 000 0087
Lauren Dyers:                         021 000 0000
Naomi:                                    021 000 0052
Secretary at Public Relations Department CPUT

Mmabatho Kgatuke:               Proactive HS
                                                Senior Sales Rep Manager
                                                073 000 000
                                                (Internship supervisor)

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